April 16, 2019


The Kool is the result of a concerted reflection with the professionals teachers, to design the school harness according to Kortel Design.
The design optimized the use in school, but also took into account the progression of the pilot, allowing him to have a harness perfectly adapted to carry out his first large flights.
The back pocket is integrated inside the airbag for easy extraction and optimum protection of the rescue.
Regarding the protection, the Kool takes up the principle of its big sister the Karma II with an integral airbag, put in shape as soon as take-off thanks to a special foam.
The Kool stands out against the Karma II at the level of the fastening straps. It is composed of two separate leg straps and one chest strap. The optimized positioning of these straps gives it excellent take-off mobility and increased comfort during the inflation sessions.